If you have a plan to visit Korea, you need to use korean map application. Because google map application is not fully functional in Korea, google map is not suitable for journey.

There are two map applications. With these app, you will never lose your way in Korea.
Naver map” and “Kakao Map
You can choose one of them, but here, I will cover how to use Naver Map.

You can easily find Naver Map application on app store for apple devices or play store for android devices. I’ll explain it with Android devices.

play store - naver map - launch
play store – Naver Map – launch

Search Naver Map in Play Store → Install the application → Launch

Basic menu
Basic menu

Please refer to the picture above. There are essential functions of map application.

Basically, you can search the place you want to go and find the route. For example, we are going to go to Lotte Hotel Seoul in Jung-gu.

Finding the route
Finding the route

Plus, you can see the Subway map of Seoul, Daegu, Busan, Gwangju in Naver Map.

Subway route
Subway route

There are so useful other options on it. Check this out.

Other options

Now, you can find a way by yourself in Korea. Actually, Seoul is a city with a well-equipped public transportation system. If you use a map, you can go anywhere even outside of Seoul.


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