In the previous post, the package was installed and the domain was set up for the mail server deployment. If the deployment is successful, it should be work sending or receiving email.

Before I go into the Mail Plus, I want to make it accessible through my address like So far, we’ve done a domain example with so we’ll try to make it accessible like gmail when you type

First, if you look at the control panel, there is a menu called Application Portal. Here I’m going to make a simple connection address.

제어판 - 응용프로그램포털
Control Panel – Application Portal

You can see the following screen.

응용프로그램 포털 - 응용 프로그램
Application Portal – Application

The Application Portal displays the domains that you have already set up. You can make it like this. Click Applications and click Edit.

응용프로그램 액세스 규칙
Application Access Rules

It also needs to check, HSTS, and HTTP/2 for user-specified domain activation. Enter the domain you desire in the domain (e.g.

It is not the end. Creating and accessing a subdomain called requires two major steps.
(1) Setting up domain DNS
(2) Setting up certificates

(1) Setting up domain DNS
The default method for setting up domain DNS can be found in Part 2 post. 
– Record type: A
– Host: mail (to make
– Value: Actual external IP (111.111.111 was used as an example)

Or, if you have already set record types A, @,, you can simply set them to the cname record type. 
-Record type: cname
-Host: mail
– Value:

(2) Setting up certificates
You need to create a security certificate separately.

제어판- 보안-인증서
Control Panel-Security-Certificate

Go to Control Panel – Security – Certificates to see a list of certificates you have already created. I’ll make it assuming there’s no one here.

새 인증서 추가
Add a new certificate
인증서 생성
Generate Certificate

Click the Add New Certificate button. If you already have a certificate registered in the domain, click Replace existing certificate. All you have to do is write down the explanation for yourself.

You will receive a Let’s Encryption Certificate. Check the settings with the default certificate.

인증서 얻기
Obtain Certificate

In the Obtain Certificate window, write down your domain name and the email you use. The next important thing is the subject replacement name. Write all subdomains, including the current domain, in the Subject Alternative Name. Put and here.
e.g.;;;, etc.

After applying, you can see the certificate is applied. Now test it.

Enter in a browser and sign in. You can see the following screen:

메일플러스 접속화면
Mail Plus connection screen

Now I’m ready to test your personal mail. You can use it now.
You can check log of the results of the receiving or sending test in the mail plus server package.



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